Why SEO needs Social Media

The social media and SEO relationship has always been a strange one. They’re like a couple that is dating, but doesn’t want anyone to know.

However, if you dive a little bit deeper, you’ll realize that social media and SEO have a strong relationship and social media CAN boost your SEO.

Social Media and SEO

First, we must be honest. Social media alone isn’t a direct cause of a great search engine ranking. However, there is a strong correlation between social signals and Google rankings. We dive into the correlations below.


Believe it or not, social media is one of the best ways to get backlinks to your website. While it isn’t a direct ranking factor, social media can aid in getting quality backlinks, which are a vital ranking factor.

Share your content on social media and get it in front of important people (thought leaders, top industry sites, influencers, etc.) by mentioning them. If your content is stellar, those influencers and thought leaders are more apt to create a backlink to the post from their own website.

Profile Optimization

Your brand’s social media profiles must be optimized to let the search engines know what your brand is all about. This means that you should:

  • Use the same profile photo for each of your social media profiles - this helps with brand consistency
  • Use keywords relevant to your business in your bio - this helps search engines know how your brand relates to various search terms
  • Link to your website - let search engines know the website that is tied to your brand’s social accounts

Content Optimization

Something that might seem obvious, but many brands fail to realize, is that you must be sharing GREAT content on your social media accounts. Two very important ranking factors for search engines are:

  • Bounce rate - the percentage of website visitors who close out of the site after viewing only one page
  • Average time on page - the average amount of time that your website visitors are spending on a particular page

So what do those two metrics have to do with social media? If you’re not sharing great content on your social accounts, your bounce rates will be high and your average time on page will be low. Those are both harmful in terms of SEO, so it is imperative that the content you are sharing is excellent. Remember, content is king.

What About Followers?

Twitter followers and Facebook page likes are two social media metrics that brands always track. But do they have an effect on SEO? The short answer is no.

Google will not use a signal to influence its search ranking unless they know everything about that signal. Because of the volatility of social sites, Facebook can’t confidently use followers and likes as a ranking signal, so they simply don’t.

Instead of focusing on the sheer number of followers and page likes that you have, you should be focusing on getting the right people to follow and like your pages. As we mentioned above, sharing your content on social media to the right people can have an impact on them linking back to and sharing your content. Those things DO have an effect on SEO.

The social media and SEO relationship doesn’t have to be a complicated one. Remember, social media doesn’t have a direct benefit on SEO, but it has the potential to help boost your SEO in indirect ways.

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