Visual Branding on Your Website

A strong brand image to back up your business is essential for brands that want to thrive. There is no better visual branding tool than your website.

Your website is how you tell your potential customers about your business, your culture, your products and services, and how your business is conducted. The visuals you create for your website go a long way in how visitors perceive your brand.


// Visual Branding on Your Website //




Your logo should be prominently displayed on your website for your visitors to view. This is the primary way that visitors can identify your brand, so take your logo design and placement seriously.


Your website should follow the color scheme that your brand has defined in your style guide. For example, Pepsi uses the blue and white colors that are on their cans on their website, too. The color scheme you use on your website shouldn’t be more than two or three colors or your potential customers may get turned off by the use of so many colors. Instead, use the primary colors that you want your brand to convey.


One of the major ways to showcase your company’s branding is through the images that you use on your blog content. Do you use cartoon images, stock images, or real images that your company has taken? This gives your website visitors an idea of your branding.


Your website’s layout can tell your visitors a lot about your brand. Is your website sleek and clean, or is it complex and flashy with several visual aspects? What message are you trying to convey about your brand with your website layout? If you’re a simple brand, a complex layout and color scheme won’t make much sense, and vice versa.


If your business has videos on your website, are they showcasing your brand properly? Do the videos align with the rest of your website’s visual branding? These are important questions to ask before displaying a video on your website. If it doesn’t align with the rest of your website’s branding, it’s probably best to keep it off of your website or tweak the video so that it is on brand with everything else.


Social icons may seem like something minuscule, but they should be displayed in alignment with your brand with your website. If you have a sleek website that is black and white, don’t display the social icons full of color, or vice versa. There are several social icons to choose from, so be sure that they align with your visual branding on your site.


  • Be consistent

    Consistency throughout your website is vital to branding your business and evoking the appropriate emotions from your website visitors.

  • View your website as a user

    A big mistakes that companies often make with their website is that they fail to look at it as a user. Remember, your website is a selling tool, not a tool for your internal team, so you should treat it as such.

  • Know your own identity

    This is something that may seem like a no-brainer but is a problem many businesses run into. Make sure you and your team understand your own identity before you try to convey it to others.

  • Typography

    Your typography on your website should remain consistent and be on brand. Don’t use several different type families throughout your website and expect your visitors to recognize the branding you’re trying to portray.

Overall, your website is an excellent tool for branding, and you should be treating it as such.



Written by: TONY ADRAGNA at Primitive Social